Who We Are
Master Builders is a San Francisco-based real estate investment and development company focused on high-barrier-to-entry markets. Master Builders has experience identifying and realizing the potential of under-valued properties through development and entitlement.
Along with the utilization of general public listings, Master Builders identifies excellent properties through our strong local network, brokers and probate court. Next we unlock the full potential of a property by redesigning, providing additions, expanding the envelope, and subdividing or merging with neighboring lots.
Master Builders has the expertise to do many tasks in-house, from obtaining government approvals, document preparation, and asset management, to overseeing construction and repair projects. In-house team includes:
  • ○ Architects
  • ○ Structure Engineers
  • ○ Interior and Landscape Designers
  • ○ Wood and Metal Fabrications
  • ○ General Contractors
  • ○ Real Estate Brokers
With 13+ years of experience in San Francisco's real estate market, Master Builders facilitates strong relationships with brokers, lenders, developers and owners in the community, with leads extending beyond public property listings. More than mere developers, we are creative visionaries with a talent for cutting-edge design and layout, seeing the highest and best use of a property - and evaluating a property's potential for improvement and future value.